Residenza A Cova
Dove cielo e mare si fondono insieme
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A cool holiday house, built with sustainable criteria and using natural materials. Completely inserted in the envirroment.


the renovation


we wanted to create a home.


The two buildings are inserted in the contest and linked to eachother with armony. In a space of 2 hectars and at 90 meters from the sea, both seaview, the frontal building has a "strong" impact on the gate on the sea, the central one, is more at the top with a view on the sardinian coast and the island of Sant'Antioco.

The materials, wood and stone, mainly,  had been choosen according to the natural backdrop of the quarry, "A Cova" in the local dialect.

For the interiors, tuscany and local tiles for floors and stairs; sanitizer lime on the walls; Ethnic and Tuscany wood fornitures; some homemade upcycling objects.

Simplicity is the perfect word to describe the place.


we want that our guests feel in a space where the time has been suspended,

go away from the reality to join a new dimension.




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