Residenza A Cova
Dove cielo e mare si fondono insieme

The Island

A magical place still real, wild and with a deep essence


"A rhythm that humans find difficult to imagine, beat the time of life"

Ernst Junger_ San Pietro(1957)


The Island has been visited by the Phoenicians, the Greek and the Roman, untill the 700 when from the nearby Tabarka (Tunisia) came a ligurian colony in search of a place to live. So, disembarking with the ferry in the only centre of the island, Carloforte, you discover not a sardinian village...but a place where you just have to get lose.

Of volcanic origin, the 33km of coastline is a sequence of extraordinary landscapes. The gentle area of beaches with sandy coves; the rugged and rough ground of the west coast, with fjiord, little isles, pinnacles, natural pools... An important natural heritage, the LIPU Oasi, the archeological areas, the salt pans; to not forget the incredible sea bottom, and the experience of the dive in tuna cages, between June and July, in the north of the island. 

The result of these contrasts is the feeling of surprise and charm the Island gives you.